Civilization 4 (II)

Finishing one game of Civ4, I did another try and ended up with an ‘endless’ black map. I gave up at 1200 AD: the blackness, it hurts.

What the heck: it’s a bug. Over at Apolyton some are convinced that this is a videocard issue. No, it isn’t, witness the screenshot I had posted earlier and the fact that the game I played did not end prematurely (Civ 3 generally had to tendency to ‘hang’). (Oh yeah: I won that game on points beating the Germans, who apparently all had turned to Judaism. My bunch of Atheists, however, weren’t able to sack the puny Indians.)

In the CivFanatics link above, there’s a good description what the bug exactly is and how to get around it. Next game: I’m dreaming of a clash between Taoism and Christianity.

Add 1: There’s another proof that the game was rushed out: the game comes with two disks: disk one is the install disk, disk two (presumably) is the ‘play’ disk. Guess what: to play the game you actually need disk one.

Add 2:Another weirdy: there’s a long disclaimer about the use of religion in the game’s manual. Two paragraphs, concluding with: “We mean no disrepect to anyone’s beliefs. We’re game designers, not theologians”.
Hey, did you know it’s really hard to stop religion in the game? Civ 5 should at least add the religion gene factor.

Add. 3: Re: add.2: The introduction sequence of every game details the start of life on earth according to the principle of evolution. Game rates: ESRB Everyone 10+ Violence. Watch for labels soon saying “this game is based on a theory, not a fact”.

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3 Responses to Civilization 4 (II)

  1. alfons hoogervorst says:

    From here: but you are at least on equal footing with the ai since they will see everything too.

  2. alfons hoogervorst says:

    Had to chuckle reading the previous comment’s bit.

    This is hilarious:

    if you can use this reveal tiles thing, to get rid of darkness, then surely its a problem with the game, and nothing really to do with tnl ???

    Bad logic. Obviously the Fog is being painted by using T&L, and by disabling the Fog, T&L isn’t used.

  3. Arthur says:

    Bad logic. Obviously the Fog is being painted by using T&L, and by disabling the Fog, T&L isn’t used.

    That’s only part of the problem: I think it’s a programming bug related to T&L: the fog doesn’t appear to center around the movement of the player (‘the fog is not aligned’). The only way to correct the problem, is to literally send your player to the center of the map and set the discovery course from there on.

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