Civilization 4 (V)

I have a long night programming behind me: hacking a file format of a DOS based accounting program. Fair enough: no game for me today.

I did notice that my entries here about the black tile problems get more views than normal. For the people returning:

  • Go to Worldbuilder and use reveal all tiles. Note that you’ll still have a (little) ‘dimmed’ playing field but at least you’ll be able to enjoy gameplay. Trust me: the game is worth playing, even with the playing field revealed
  • Send a scout out to the center of the world (that could have been a name of a movie…) and explore from there back to your city.

There’s another solution I’ve been charmed by: make corrections in the Python code (yes, Civ 4 uses Python!). Over at Civ Fanatics a smart member came up with the following solution:

map = CyMap()
teamID = CyGlobalContext().getPlayer(playerID).getTeam()
iH = map.getGridHeight()
iW = map.getGridWidth()

# Check if we are the first team, 
# and if so put us in the middle
if int(teamID) == 0:
    return x >= iW * .45 and x < = iW * .55 and y >= iH * .45 and y < = iH * .55

Not having time to play with the code, I briefly glanced through files and discovered other interesting things. If I have time…. only if I had time.

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