Install GD. Get Caudium for free.

Caudium is a webserver, written in C, sporting a non-forking kernel. That’s really good, but why the hell does it needs to be installed for, when apt-getting php4-gd?

I’m talking about Debian’s super package manager, you know, the one with Super Cow Powers. Moo. It’s broken. No: really.

If you want to install the GD packages for PHP4, you get Caudium for free. In the real world that would be great. In the world of dependencies, it just raises question marks. Where are the bloggers/pundits when you need them? This is earth shattering, non-partisan, technicality-bickering and not-so-fantasticodelicigracicomical.

upd 1: 04/11/05: It’s fixed!

upd 2: 04/11/05: I had an ugly update using the latest test snapshot: apache ended up returning an error everytime php tried to make a connection with mysql:
/usr/sbin/apache: relocation error: /usr/lib/php4/20020429/ undefined symbol: php_sprintf

Apparently the php.ini file in /etc/php4/apache/ was replaced. I uncommented the line in this file.

upd 3: 04/11/05: And finally managed to correct that devilish imagecreat…() function undefined error on the debian install: added the (gd) extension to the same php.ini line. (which is weird, because a test with php_info() definitely suggests it has been compiled within PHP.

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2 Responses to Install GD. Get Caudium for free.

  1. alfons says:

    Only one thing popped up when checking the webserver: “Is It Safe?”

  2. Arthur says:

    when checking the webserver: “Is It Safe?”

    Debian and Caudium have a bulk deal/agreement, I hear.

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