That word

Earlier this day, I completed the task of putting the WAP together and got it to work with the new router (tip: over at Staples they have wireless routers on sale (ranging from 30 -40 dollars), which saves you from buying a router and WAP altogether). I was surprised about the strong signal (anywhere in the house) around the house.

Practically everywhere I can connect to the network which lead me to invent new words like ‘Porchblogging’, ‘videoblogging’, ‘live-tv-blogging’ (oh wait, that’s what bloggers already do), ‘drivewayblogging’, ‘kitchenblogging’, ‘deckblogging’ and ‘couchblogging’. Did I forget ‘gardenblogging’?

Now, if only I had a Winer complex, I’d be pushing those words so I could become just as important as Tim lord Sir Berners-Lee. However, you can keep them. Don’t mention me.