Last week-ish, I was going to write something about Microsoft Windows 8. By now you must have heard and read about how the company is chopping up their OS to fit (well, it’s officially called “optimized for”) touch-enabled devices, which has caused quite an uproar in the Windows-sphere.

I’ve been fairly sceptic about Microsoft’s Windows 8 plans and having now mostly used Linux (Ubuntu/Debian), to be honest, an OS is an OS is an OS. Here’s the silly thing I was thinking last week: Knowing that Windows 8 is supposed to be so tablet-centric and because of the outcry of PC users and the like around on the Internet PLUS the fact that OEM (PC manufacturers) have been slow to show Windows 8 devices, well… What if Microsoft was working on its own Windows 8 – ready tablets to generate excitement about Windows 8.

I wouldn’t say I predicted this when I saw the first announcement of the Surface tablet: In the grand scheme of plans – the fact that current PC users have cried foul about Windows 8, Microsoft could just not afford to wait for OEMs to produce good-looking hardware. At this stage, I sort of feel sorry for the OEMs (HP, Dell and others): apparently they were told on fairly short notice that Microsoft was going to build their own tablets. Surprisingly, the tablet was very well received by industry insiders and PC users. As for myself: The chance to be able to play Civ 5 on a tablet sounds attractive: that is, as long as you bring your own cooling pad.

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