SXSW 2012 (part 3)

So, the final list of tracks worth listening to: or rather the list of tracks that made it to my audio device. Over time (time permitting), I’ll add links to the artist’s websites but for now you’ll have to do with the (unedited) remarks.

Interesting additional notes:

  • There are plenty of Canadian bands in the list. Unintentionally. Apparently, everybody loves Canadian bands.
  • I had the impression that Chinese rock is slowly invading our Western world. For example, the quality of Duck Fight Goose’s music is really good.
  • There’s a lot of HipHop/RAP/R&B acts. There were so many tracks that I frequently skipped tracks. There’s good hiphop, also and some of it made it to my list.

While I was a lot more hesitant listening to all 1200+ tracks, generally, I thought that the SXSW torrent files were once again a good source to find new upcoming and interesting artists.

Artist Song Status Coment
Adam WarRock 616 OK. I think it’s about comics/ Sampling is
well done
sleepmakeswaves (hello) cloud mountain Instrumental rock from Australia
Hoodie Allen #WhiteGirlProblems OK, this is finally hip hop that’s fun.
Excellent play on shoutouts
Carrie Rodriguez Absence Fiddle is the only thing that makes it
interesting for a movie theme. Wait it reminds me of that space tv
Bliss N Eso Addicted OK, this might be worth listening. Good
Cary Brothers Alien Piano piece and sound production is
A Giant Dog Anyway Uptempo rock, fairly well done vocals
The Lost & Nameless Orchestra Beautiful Mess Recommended Professional musicians dump music into
listeners ears
Finn Riggins Benchwarmers Pretty good. Sound production is bad
Callaghan Best Year Interesting running bass
Krista Muir Between Atoms She’s cute. That helps!
Meiko Between The Sheets At least it sounds original.
The Pauses Beyond Bianca Actually reasonably musically. Reminds of
‘Going North’
Busby Marou Biding My Time Smokey soundalike and predictable, but
rather good production
Black Flamingo Black Heart Slowish. Pop. Some people like this. And
today that’s me.
Delicate Steve Butterfly Instrumental rock. Does reference the
other song, The Balad of Speck and….
Rubblebucket Came Out of a Lady Use of a different timing which makes it
interesting ( 3 / 4 ?)
Doe Paoro Can’t Leave You Interesting and real string section and
Little Scream Cannons It’s like Tanya D. but with more
electronics with excellent tempo changes
Will Sexton Certain Kind of Something Recommended Pop-ish, good vocals and music
Jerusalem and the Starbaskets Chocolate Covered Everyberry Recommended Excellent, quality of SXSW12 file is
Chic Gamine Closer Recommended Mostly percussion, acapella and not
Garland Jeffreys Coney Island Winter Recommended Political statement, but excellent musical
Body Parts Doing Things Funky and weird and experimental.
Idiot Glee Don’t Go Out Tonight Sort of interesting. Musically
Leif Vollebekk Don’t Go To Klaksvik Recommended Good voice and piano play
Sydney Wayser Dream It Up Interesting voice
Boy Friend Egyptian Wrinkle I think of twin peaks. Some people will
like this. Good production tho.
Andrea Balency Trio El Desorden Music is good, but not totally fan of
Hooded Fang ESP Recommended Canadian, interesting and musically sound,
doors like
Jesse Thomas Fire Fairly good. Taken along for cello.
Library Voices Generation Handclap Uptempo and unexpected and sampling?
Duck Fight Goose Glass Walls Recommended Rock, dance, Chinese, intrigued.
The Devil Whale Golden Recommended Excellent voice and music
Cashier No. 9 Goldstar Uptempo popish sound.
Erin Barra Good Man OK. Vocally interesting. Musically,
TOY Grow Up Excellent.
Milagres Halfway Falsetto vocals and intriguing music
Holcombe Waller Hardliners I OK this. Barely. At least the voice is
Brick + Mortar Heatstroke Recommended Alright, this is different.
Royal Canoe Hold on to the Metal Musically catchy
Big Deal Homework Slow folkish.
He’s My Brother She’s My Sister How’m I Gonna Get Back Home Uptempo rock with fair vocals
Hands & Teeth Hunting Season Recommended Musically excellent, reminds of Fall
The Dunwells I Could Be A King Reasonably well voiced
旺福 I Me Mine HAHA fun..
Ivan & Alyosha I Was Born To Love Her Always good
Abandoned Pools In Silence Recommended Good and accessible pop-ish. Is that
Rich Aucoin IT Musically and vocally pretty catchy. And
Canadian apparently.
Todd Reynolds Transamerica Recommended Brilliant
The Beat Kids Are The Same OK, upbeat and uptempo and rock
Calhoun Knife Fight Excellent production and off tune piano.
Which turned me in.
Cannon Bros Left in a Hurry Catchy and rock. Is this a kid
Jessie Frye Like a Light Well, at least it has some reasonable
music and vocals
Los Po-Boy-Citos Long Way Home (Back To New Orleans) This is fun. Hence why I accept…
Vetusta Morla Los días raros Excellent music.
D/R/U/G/S LOVE LUST F/M Fairly well, and likable
Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds Make It Rain Recommended Like the voice and… it’s SOUL.
The Staves Mexico Excellent and toned down.
Y La Bamba Michoacan Interesting
Agnes Mercedes Molom This is ART man. This is so ridiculous I
have to allow it
Gabriel Santiago Quintet O Homem e o Cacau It’s good music.
Grimes Oblivion Manipulated voice and electronics
Saito Johnny On The Raft Japanese romantic stuff lalala
NOKIES! Oslo It’s U3!!!!
Rosi Golan Paper Tiger Why would a tiger hang on a string?
Wild Child Pillow Talk Pretty good vocals and music.
The Lighthouse and The Whaler Pioneers Good music. Too bad for the voice.
Larkin Poe Play On This is actually good.
The M Machine Promise Me A Rose Garden Recommended Interesting background music.
Soft Metals Psychic Driving Reminds of 80s electronic pop music
Suzanna Choffel Race Car Recommended Good with subtle tempo changes
Bam Bam Ragatrón Recommended Interesting guitar play. Vocally not so.
It passes.
The Drowning Men Rita Excellent music.
My Education ROBOTER-HÖHLENBEWOHNER Musical only. Interesting.
Snapline S#1 (Snapline金曲1) Chinese rock? Again?
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Same Mistake Good popular rock
Adam Faucett Saturday Recommended Vocally and musically sound.
Mariah McManus Say It Again Synthish. Voice reminds of something.
Akina Adderley & The Vintage
Say Yes Akina again?
Lightouts See Clear Recommended Alright this is like Pulp and stuff and
Creature So High Synth pop-ish. Would fare well because
Jarana Beat Son para que hable MSX King’s Valley comes to mind
The Vandelles Strange Girls Alrighty
Aiana String Quartet String Quartet in F Major—Vif et
I so. Think. It’s good.
The Lumineers Submarines This is in another tempo (3/4s?).
Dubtonic KRU Sunshine Girl Unpretentious reggae
Letting Up Despite Great Faults Teenage Tide Pet shop boys meets rhythm
Caged Animals Teflon Heart Predictably but a good production, once
The dB’s That Time Is Gone This is actually good.
Paper Tiger The Bully Plank This is fairly good actually.
Andrew Belle The Daylight Recommended Accessible pop-ish sound. Good.
Maya Azucena The Half Recommended This is good.
R A M E S H The King Pretty good vocals
Prester John: Shawn Persinger & David
The Library Thief Recommended Guitar only and… interesting..
Sleepy Vikings These Days Passable popular rock
3rd Line Butterfly Titicaca No idea what they’re singing about:
predictable but good production
Foam Lake True Hearts Uprockish synth pop and delicious.
Fungi Girls Velvet Days This is cool, but sound production is
Sisson Waiting Excellent music. Vocally not so.
Royal Teeth Wild Interesting
Cheyenne Marie Mize Wishing Well Just percussion? You’re in!
Little Lo Wounded Knee Recommended Sonic Youthish.
Ilona You Don’t Really Love Me Doubtful, predictable
滅火器 海上的人 Good…. Pop-ish
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