Mice, a mouse.

How many mice (computer mice that is) does one go through in one’s life? I’ve never thought of that but I think I’ve had more than 10 the last what, 18 years.

My very first mouse was the one that was bought for our MSX home computer (made by ASCII Corporation?): it was overly expensive and initially (since the MSX software wasn’t really GUI based yet) it felt awkward to use. Only with the introduction of Windows 3.1 (for me that was probably around 1993) the mouse death race really started: I’ve seen Genius mice, Logitech and eventually (surprised that they’d started to make mice) Microsoft mice. I generally believe Logitech mice last longer but, that’s probably a personal (subjective) opinion. I do love Logitech’s ‘Trackman Wheel’ mice (which is something I use on-the-side): They are hard to come by these days as they are being replaced (apparently) by those ‘index-finger-based’ Trackmans. As far as I know, this Trackman is still the longest lasting mouse in my possession.

I’m curious about the future prospects of the computer mouse: With the rise of touchscreens (and the popularity of pen-based solutions) I wonder if the near future will make an end to computer mice’s ubiquity. The only use I’d see is for typical PC games.

10/17/2010: Looks like Logitech just released their newest trackball (CNet).

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