The old new

Way earlier, Alfons reminded that some old video clips can now be found at YouTube. Particularly the ones I remember when I was -uh- young (my life as a former B-Boy). Right. And other stuff, you don’t want to hear about.

I decided to throw out my Microsoft Wireless mouse and buy a Logitech trackball 1. Actually, I’m not really throwing it out (I can think of other purposes for that thing, like Christmas tree decoration). I’ve used trackballs before and they work pretty good as long as you don’t have too sweaty fingers.

Hey: I see that the Ayaan Hirshi/Verdonk row has brought down the Dutch government, which means that there will be new elections in October.

Update: Talking about the old new, I see that Netscape has (officially) changed from old to fashionable (i.e., Digg-like)
Update 2: Bonus discussion at Metafilter about fall of Dutch cabinet