World cup

The FIFA Worldcup 2010 has started a couple of days ago and I noticed that I haven’t seen any of the matches yet only because the matches are a broadcast at impossible times. For a lack of better links (or rather, laziness), the following days I hope to watch the Copa Mondial on CBC’s website (live streaming apparently).

I’ve only briefly mentioned the Van Der Sloot case on this blog (to be honest, hardly is a better word). In summary, guy who was main suspect in Aruba case is arrested by Peruvian police for the homocide of the daughter of a Peruvian multi-millionaire uh wait. There are so more colourful details to this case that I’m 100% certain that Hollywood will make a movie out of this. Unfortunately, most of the saillant details seem to come from the Dutch press.

One of the most compelling stories from the Internet (“Right now, On the Internet”, cue typical news program music) is the story about Keanu Reeves. The Guardian perfectly summarizes the story but alas, no links (“What, horrors!”). Here ya go then.

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