So, with Autumn slowly taking care of the leafs of the trees on our property, the spiders disappearing one by one, a couple of thoughts from computers to the personal stuff:

I like Autumn. In our younger years, our teachers always insisted that Spring marked the start of a new year. I always thought they were wrong and that the actual start of a new year starts around this month. Time to rake up the dead and the forgotten.

Alfons forwarded me a youtube video of the (old) DDR national anthem, ‘Auferstanden aus Ruinen’, which was composed by Hanns Eisler, a protégées and student of the great composer Arnold Schoenberg. Complex and intricate music: Obviously there’s a link between this composition and his ‘Dr Faustus’ Goethe Rhapsodie work. I’ve been planning to add Eisler to my ‘Past the Bridge’ collection of sound fragments. I would not be surprised if a lot of Germans get nostalgic if they hear that anthem.

I worked a bit on my Ubuntu box: I have no idea why the ‘graying’ part was added to Ubuntu (or if this is actually part of X), but I cannot tolerate it (basically, if a program is busy or has 100% CPU, it will temporarily ‘gray out’. It makes it appear that Ubuntu is bad at multi-tasking, which it definitely isn’t.

Update 1: A kind of hilarious: Google translates ‘Auferstanden aus Ruinen’ to ‘The Train Station’. No really.

Update 2: Some call ‘Auferstanden…’ the most beautiful national anthem ever written.

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