There’s a deer in your yard

No really, there’s one right there.A deer in a yard. Besides deer there are fawns, Cardinals, hummingbirds and cats.

Every morning I let the oldest cat out: it wasn’t until yesterday I found out that the first thing she apparently does is head to the dog’s grave. She sits there for a while and then continues her hunt or search for the inevitable. I’m not particularly sure what to think of this: if cats were mourning fellow-pets that would be extremely unsettling. Not to mention that elephants apparently pass the self-awareness test.

Earlier this morning, I upgraded the current WordPress installation to a point 3 security release. I’ve noticed that WordPress has a built-in ‘core updating’ system. I still upgrade using my faithful shell-scripts (a mish-mash of wgets and the regular recursive delete, copy and move Bash-commands). DOS is a joke: however, I hear that Windows 7 will (finally) include the Unix-inspired ‘PowerShell’. You can (of course) download PowerShell for your other Windows versions.

And last but not least, I’d like to call out the weather for last July: If this year wasn’t a record cold and wet month, I’ll eat my mouse.

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