For what it’s worth: Don’t bother looking for a complete IDE for Javascript development. They’re out there, but they don’t work and come with a huge payload of crap that needs to be installed for your popular browser. You may just as well do that the old way: in notepad, vi or edlin and with an abundance of alert dialogs and “printf lines”.

Via Alfons and others, I ended up reading an excellent analysis of Conficker”. This is the worm that has many network people worried because everybody knows it is out there (and there’s an official Microsoft patch out for it [pretty colours there]) but nobody knows what it exactly does. There’s a doomsday thread over at Metafilter, so if you’re into reading doomsday threads, go for it.

And last but not least, there was some kind of controversy around the current Canadian minister for Science and Religion (OK, that’s a joke). I can’t remember the context, because, I’ve not been following the news recently. The discussion there (at that CBC page) ended up in a evolution vs. creationism fight which seems to show quite some polarization and discontent at both sides of the aisle.

Is Canada turning into a pseudo-scientific country? As of now, I’m not too worried about this: I don’t think that there are people who believe that the Internet was created on the seventh day or that their WiFi connection (i.e., electromagnetic waves) was provided there by Jewish and Greek gods (and goddesses).

Update 1: This just in: Stallman on JavaScript

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  1. alfons says:

    Aptana is pretty good. Excellently so.

  2. alfons says:

    Yo! I like Aptana!

  3. Arthur says:

    What. You mean on your Mac?

  4. Arthur says:

    Not on your 64-bit.

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