I saw that ffmpeg 0.5 was released the other day (I don’t have any link here) and since my Msys/MingW environment was already ready to go I decided to compile my own ffmpeg executable.

I expected it to be ‘an exercise of eating your own hat out of frustation’, however, there are a couple of things you should do to prepare yourself:

  • Evacuate your wife, kids, dogs and cats.
  • Move your coffee brewer next to your computer.
  • Have Kleenex ready for all the spit you probably have to remove from your computer screen.

On a serious note, compiling and finding the sources is not overly hard: The hardest part is to get Msys and Mingw to work right and find the right set of gnu compilers/binaries. If you’ve got that all working, the fun part is compiling the needed packages one by one.

If I can make time, I’ll add an entry how to compile ffmpeg yourself.

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