I, Recurse

So, yeah: I was sitting at work and the snow starts falling down in the morning and before I know it, it’s chaos in town. On my way to King’s Square, I was most of the time sliding around or trying to evade snowbanks. However, the good part was that the buses were still (surprisingly) mostly on schedule. So, let me think: this is the 3rd time we had more than 15 cms of snow. Saint John promised me cruise ships, tourists, tropical weather and palm trees with plenty of Bounty chocolate bars. Oh.

So, a 64-bit operating system needs a 64-bits VirtualBox and if I want to install Ubuntu or any other Linux flavoured distro, it needs to be a 64 bits version too. That’s logical? Back in the days, I used to manually select Debian packages, but if you’re in a rush and can’t live without apt-moo, you may just as well start with Ubuntu Server. I was surprised to see that during installation, Ubuntu’s installer offered to include Postgres 8.3 in the setup. This Debian Lenny (which is still in testing) is supposed to include version 8.3 too and Lenny is scheduled to be released in 2009. That sounds so far away.

This is probably a good time to phase out my current Debian Sarge server (“Elsie”)1 and host my Linux stuff in a virtual machine (VM), unless somebody is finally going to see the light and start building low-powered Linux server machines for 100 dollars or less.

1 I consider “Sarge” to be one of the best Debian releases. You can still download and install Sarge if needed. Most likely not. Whatevers.

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