I was complaining the other day to Alfons about the weather: or rather, I think he sent me a screenshot of the long term weather forecast for this area, dryly asking ‘if I thought the temperature was fluctuating’ and ‘how this compared with Truro, NS’. Oh, yeah, my favourite part, the Canadian weather.

We had 2 good days of a fair amount of snow: one day it was 20, and just last Monday, we had 10 or so. The amount of snow doesn’t bother me: I noticed that if it snowed it was freezing cold, or rather, like in ‘February cold’ (colder than -10 degrees Celsius). And then out of nowhere, warm wind moves in, pushing the temperatures above the 11 degrees. Today is another typical day: it started cold with incidental flurries and freezing rain. From what I hear, it’s going to be warm and rainy tomorrow again.

For your information: I’ve filed a complaint at the Canadian Central Registry of Weather Makers. Wait. is that the name of a book, too?

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