Same old. Same old.

This week, the New England Journal of Medicine reported about a small success in the fight against (skin) cancer: An Oregon man diagnosed with skin cancer, was injected with a couple of billion of cloned T-cells of his own and saw his cancer go into complete remission.

Via Slashdot (thread), it appears the old adagio holds true: Bad boys get all the girls. I also hear that thrill-seeking male humans have a shorter lifespan, or, eventually shut themselves out of the mating process because of a lack of other useful skills needed in societies driven by the sciences. This is old news: your mom (and dad) warned you to stay clear from people like these. Also: what about bad girls?

The best part is last: CNN has a whole bunch of sections dedicated to ‘busy moms and parenting’. The one article that attracted my eye was the one about mothers with twins, which reads as a proof that humans have lost the ability to provide and care for twins. Hey: In general, twins can perfectly take care of themselves, particularly when they’ve figured out how to communicate with each other.

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