So, Obama has become the Democrats’ presidential candidate, which reminds me of his best moment of his campaign, a rebuttal to laughter from Hillary Clinton on the question why there are so many Clinton advisers on his team:

Hillary, I’m looking forward to you advising me as well.

It also appears that Obama is highly favoured in countries outside of North America. It’s the economy, stupid!

During my brother’s visit here, we didn’t have much time to watch the Euro 2008 (Soccer/Football). Later this afternoon, I found out that the Dutch team is doing very well. It’s their second win in the “Pool of Death”, which means that they’re literally going to the quarter-finals. I was able to watch the tail-end of Supersport’s coverage of the win and watch the commentators discuss the Dutch coach’s (Van Basten) options for their last (pool) game against Romania: sent in his best players or have a ‘B’ team play.

Not that I’ll be able to watch the next games, or lets say, summaries of the older games: the EUFA (the European soccer association) has complete control over who is allowed to broadcast their games, how it’s being sent to soccer fans and the amount of money they charge to them. Watch for a crackdown on YouTube the next couple of weeks.

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