Sinking Brick

What is more exciting than a rantThe Sinking Brick about rising gas prices and peak oil? Why, a photo of an oil tanker in the Bay, of course!

This week’s attention grabber was Weezer’s video for their new song, ‘Beans and Pork’, which apparently stars prominent YouTube ‘dignitaries’ (MetaFilter). Maybe I’m not really following YouTube, but I only recognized a couple of them. I’m also not really a fan of Weezer’s music. I read that The Barenaked Ladies were the first ones to have used Internet memes in their video production.

The new Indiana Jones (“Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”) came out this week: muchly anticipated with good reviews (7.4 on Rotten Tomatoes). This week, the movie made over 120,000 dollars at the box-office. Earlier, the game “Grand Theft Auto 4” brought in over 500,000 USD in only one week.

So, today, the Phoenix Mars Lander is landing on Mars (ha-ha) and you can (could) follow this at NASA’s Phoenix website (blog). Looking at the mission’s logo, I can’t help thinking that it was inspired by the FireFox logo.

Update (21:08): I guess the Phoenix just (succesfully) landed.

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