A couple of observations:

I follow the US Democratic race but tend to keep it off xsamplex: However, I keep thinking if the Clintons are just bad losers. Seriously, when is enough is enough? Keith Olberman’s summary perfectly illustrates the race.

I noticed something when using a (more) recent version of Microsoft Word (2003+): it loads documents in a background thread, updating the scrollbar and thumbnail size accordingly, until it is completely loaded into memory. I’m not sure who thought this was a brilliant idea, because, simply stated: it sucks because it suggests that the document is ready to work on when it clearly isn’t.

With the sun coming out longer, it appears that now it’s a good time to get rid of the Winter clothes. This is obviously good weather for a stroll and the camera.

I read that thousands of illegals keep eluding the Canadian Border and Imigration Services (the official count is at 41,000). Is that a high number, I wonder (I wish I had numbers of other countries).

In the past, I’ve read a couple of books by Martin Amis (son of Kingsley Amis, who’s books were, and maybe still are, part of English literature classes in The Netherlands). I especially liked ‘Time’s Arrow’ but since then, I’ve not read any of his books. The CBC has a brief interview with the (nowadays controversial) British author.

Update 1: Not at all related, OpenOffice 3.0 Beta review, courtesy of ArsTechnica.

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