Is that a fractal?

The CBCThe cast of ‘Untraceable’ has an excellent slideshow (with audio) about the movie industry’s obsession with evil machines. The slideshow uses the new movie ‘Untraceable’ (starring Diane Lane) as a reference and the columnist narrates us through other examples of evil machine movies. Excellent stuff this (Earlier: Onstad’s slideshow on 2007 movies).

There were a couple of things I forgot to mention in an earlier entry: The first thing of note is that IE8 story. I think it started with this (A list apart) article: “Beyond DOCTYPE”. Basically, for IE8 to render webpages correctly, web developers are asked to add an extra meta declaration to their webpages. Hundreds of comments later, the majority of WaSP members (the so-called Web Standards Project) decided to support the not-so-standard move. Who cares about standards, right? Haakon Lie (CTO Opera software) gave his perspective on the latest IE8 development and the most remarkable part of his article is the following jab:

A third scenario could be to hard-code the Web address of Acid2 into IE 8. This way, the page is given special treatment to make it look like the browser is passing the test.

Maybe now it’s a good time to throw out compatibility for the sake of following standards.

The second thing you may have heard about, is that a group of anonymous people who appropriately call themselves ‘Anonymous’ have openly declared war on the Church of Scientology (Google News link). The group has produced several videos (which currently are hosted on YouTube, so you obviously need Flash). The videos feature an anonymous person speaking in a digitized voice: or rather, it sounds like they’ve used Windows Narrator to bring across their message. (See also: XenuTV comments on Anonymous [also YouTube])

Update: A reasoned response to X-UA-Compatible (via Burningbird)

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