The Queen has her picture taken

Various Decker vs. Zolanews organizations report that the British Queen has launched a YouTube channel (@ YouTube). The Palace promises clips from garden parties, footage from overseas travels, prime ministers and even a day in the life of the Prince of Wales.

Completely related: The BBC has a set of pictures of Russia’s bombers. As you probably recall, a while ago, Putin ordered the return of long range patrols, an event that reminded of those precious Eighties days. Flipping through the pictures, I was slightly amused by the following quote, which reveals the state of these older ‘Bear’ bombers:

There were no toilets or other comforts – and controls were so heavy only a very fit person could operate them.

For some kind of reason, I keep thinking of the 1984 Olympic Games1.

There is a chance that an asteroid is going to strike Mars in January 2008. The asteroid (2007 WD5) was discovered early November (this year) and according to statisticians at the JPL, the odds that it’s going to hit Mars are 1 to 75.

Say what you want about public broadcasters: The CBC does some excellent stuff on the Internet. For example, Katrina Onstad’s top picks of 2007 movies is well-presented and generally, well-done.

Update (12/29/07): CNN’s list of top ten movies of 2007.

1 Like I said, for some kind of reason I was thinking of this incident.