Today, I received my Solaris kit. The good news is that it arrived here ‘unharmed’. The bad news is that it didn’t come with a sticker. What, you mean, Sun can’t afford sending stickers? And no, Solaris 10 does not run in VirtualBox.

I mentioned the ‘Imcooked’-site in an earlier entry but I ran into another couple of sites I’ve been watching with much curiosity: I tend to ignore sites where links hit the main page because they get the popular vote (sites like Digg). Another one of them is ‘Buzzfeed’ (“The web is a 24/7 popularity contest”), which purports to be the site that tracks down the most favourite topics discussed on the ‘Internets’. Right. The other one is probably more interesting for people who love independent or alternative rock music: The Hypemachine. The site tracks blogs that discuss music and provides an interface for MP3s found on those blogs. Yes, you read that right. In most cases, this means (if you look for the Pixies, for example) full-blown listening pleasure (Gentlemen/women, grab your Audacity [and earlier]!). I was in heaven too the other day, when I found a much-loved (and missed) musical piece by Yo La Tengo called ‘Moby Octopad’ (The CD should still lay around somewhere). Thanks-a-bunch.

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