Is it safe?

Last weekend, I was looking up the Numberwang videos at YouTube (earlier) and discovered that I missed one, the German Numberwang’. That one comes with the most hilarious imitation of a scene from a movie starring Dustin Hoffman. It’s at and around 1:10, if you’re in a rush.

This also reminds me of an announcement that the EU and the US have agreed on sharing information of passengers on transatlantic flights. From each passenger the US security agencies will get 34 pieces of information. This information will be kept for 15 years1. I bet this is safe too.

So, Tony Blair is out and Gordon Brown is in. The Prime minister is out and his finance minister is in. This sounds like a familiar scenario. Oh, I remember: when Chretien stepped down, his former finance minister Paul Martin took over. We all know what happened after that.

Not related: everytime I hear or think of the Safari browser, I keep hearing the themesong of Daktari.

1 06/29/07: EU states back accord.

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