Are you a wookie?

I read that it’s exactly 30 years ago that Star Wars was released in theatres in the US. Links that might help you through the weekend: Wired has plenty of stuff. Metafilter discussion and (of course) Slashdot. I was too young to watch Star Wars in the theatres: I remember the buzz, the huge following and if I’m correct, it even (although slightly) touched some members of our families. Star Wars was probably one of the first movies we ever rented for our first VHS player. I can’t remember the brand. It was a top-notch one with both ‘Hi-Fi stereo’ and Dolby N. Or S.

Via Slashdot, also the 25th anniversary of the movie TRON. I haven’t seen TRON recently, but (always) thought it had impressive effects for that time and age.

Will this ever become profitable? Eurotunnel has (once again) been bailed out.

I hear that Facebook is the rage. I assumed that Facebook was meant for students and others related to the educational industry, but apparently, it isn’t. What is Facebook? From what I can tell, it’s sort of a LiveJournal, but instead of open to the outside world, users write (blog?) safely behind the gates of the site. Only members can browse around in Facebook. Earlier this week, the company behind Facebook announced that it opened its API: and for a change, the API actually looks interesting (Facebook API). The documentation is far from complete, but if you’re into Facebook and you’re familiar with both XML and REST, it’s probably worth to take a look into this stuff.

I watched TV a couple of times this week and discovered the ‘reality show’ “On The Lot”. 36 or some aspiring directors vying for a $1 million price and an office at Dreamworks studios. For a change, the show is interesting (and predictable) and it has Carrie Fisher as one of the judges. How appropriate.

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