The trends

Alfons Cancer and Google Trendslinked to a PDF that contains the musical score of Ives’ ‘The Unanswered Question’. I can’t link to it right from here (I get a dreaded message saying something about “This is the second IMSLP image server”) but it should be around the previous hyperlink. That said, I’ve not seen the IMSLP site before, so if you’re into transcribing music with (for example) your SonicCell… think of me. (And before you click that SonicCell link: no: I don’t get paid for that. I just have good memories when I think of Roland soundcards)

I was following the grilling of Gonzales and was particularly stunned by the reaction of Sen. Schumer (video 1, video 2) upon hearing some of Gonzales questions. Disbelief (metafilter thread).

And then, for no particular reason, I decided to look up Google Trends for ‘cancer’ and noticed that there was no spectacular increase of searches for that particular word. Both my (our) parents died of cancer and yet, there is no cure for this disease (note: photos might be heart-rendering). Well, maybe there, is but then I read:

(the) Antisoma’s chief executive, said he was “very confident this would be a blockbuster product with the potential for strong sales”

Maybe I just picked out the wrong quote. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

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