If you work in the tech industry, you may become aware of that in the near future, people may consider you old-fashioned when you talk about 5 1/4 and 3 1/2 inch disks and disk drives. I think I’ve told that particular story many times before (“I did not put in that diskdrive upside-down”1).

But think of it: while people may forget what those things were exactly for, everybody knows the meaning of that disk-icon (“Save”/”Save as”/”Save All”) in their favourite editor, word processor and spreadsheet program.

If your kid (or kids, for that matter) asks you what exactly that ‘square thing is’ in the ‘File menu’ or ‘on the File toolbar’, think of this poor post, which was saved to this server after I pressed a ‘disk-icon-less save’ button.

1 The funny thing is, is that I can’t find that entry on his blog. But let me add to that, that it was my dad who came in between the two arguing twin brothers and kindly suggested I take it out and put it in the right way.

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