Excal… IBUR!

WatchingEx_Cal_I_bur John Boorman’s movie ‘Excaliber’ last night, I ended up marking the scene above/left of this text to be one of the movie scenes of the Eighties.

It’s not because of the movie itself: it is dark, highly artistic (the all British cast says it all, starring Helen Mirren for example) and not over commercial. It stays pretty close to the letter of the Arthurian legends, and is probably the only one that’s worth watching. Other Arthurian movies plain suck.

But that scene became so famous that it was adopted by PC game makers too. Makes it worth watching the movie. And Mirren’s and Nicholson’s (apparent) dislike of each other (who according to John Boorman made them perfect as rivals Morgana and Merlin).

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