You asked: Toshiba laptop Vista upgrade

From the logfiles, the inevitable question about the (supposed to be free) Vista upgrade. That is if you bought your laptop before October 2006: Canadian Toshiba users (and there are apparently a lot of them1) interested in a ‘free’ Express update should probably go to this link. The follow-through link requires quite some information from you, from model number to computer id. The pages following that link will also ask you to send your kids, pets and the name of the colour of your underwear to a special Microsoft Windows Vista Express Upgrade address in Utah. OK, how about Nova Scotian tartan. That’s a colour, right?2

For some kind of reason, Toshiba’s ‘Ten reasons why you should upgrade’ make me laugh. But I will resist making a snark, since I’m obviously a content user of this particular brand (Although I agree that Vaios look better).

1 During my travels earlier, I saw a lot of Canadians walking around with Toshiba laptops, particularly around Heathrow (earlier at xsamplex).
2 Obviously it’s not: it’s a plaid but for convenience sake, lets pretend it is a colour, like say, closely resembling black.

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