Maybe NOAA's 2006 report on weather and temperatureit’s just me, but every time I see the abbreviation for the State Of The Union (SOTU), I keep reading STFU. What to say about the State of the Union?

Earlier (way earlier) on video chat with Alfons, Alfons brought up an image produced by NOAA, which shows the average temperatures in the US in 2006. ‘This is comical and also tragic’, he said before I opened the image in my favourite image editor. I think I laughed out loud, not being sure if this was real or not: if you’re background is science, that picture says a lot. But is it real? Indeed, it’s real. Better yet, they even have a high-resolution image of that one, if you just don’t believe in statistics. You can’t miss it.

Talking about science, my favourite CBC commentator is Bob Fournier, who appears on Information Morning every Wednesday around 8:15 am or something (I mentioned him before). This week he was discussing the Canadian research about that 1918 flu virus and the criticism of that research in the scientific community (news at IHT). Mr. Fournier also revealed his latest science quiz:

Why would you need air conditioning to cool down a plane that’s flying at 30 thousand feet?

Think ‘steamy windows’…

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  1. Marian says:

    I laughed out loud when I read the part about STFU.

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