A lighter

A lighter note: I see that Sonic Youth (wikipedia) is about to release a new LP/CD, ‘Rather Ripped’, in about a couple of days. Sonic Youth’s site is actually an oasis of older stuff (QuickTime videos, MP3 songs) they did, including their experimental work, like ‘Piano Piece #13’.

Hey: The Dutch youth team just became European champions (Warning: Dutch only).

What is mentioned at the BBC, is the apparent popularity of Sandi Thom. The Scottish singer demoted the ‘Gnarls Barkley’ to the 2nd position in the UK Pop charts. No really! The big question is, why would I mention this. To be honest with you: I have no idea. Looking at the clip of that particularly hit song, I’m not impressed with missus Thom’s lyrical ability. But maybe that’s because I’m literally out of fashion and out of time. “Ouwe zeur”.

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