Tlalaalking about upgrading: I’ve been promoted to the status of ‘ouwe zeurkous’ (link goes to Dutch only site). That’s because I prefer that people not hotlink to my images, rather that they host it theirselves. Niels (appears to be down at this moment), for example, got the idea when I asked him to host a picture I did on XS4all (Safe for work. May be offensive if you’ve got something against protesting people). Hey: the whole world is ‘ons ben zuunig’.

To the very nice (Dutch) lady who called me an ‘ouwe zeurkous’, thanks for making me laugh. The last time I called somebody the same, must have been 20 years ago. When you grow older, there will be payback day for you too, ma’am.

OOpsie. Correction in link

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2 Responses to Yoekels!

  1. alfons hoogervorst says:

    Sinterklaas has arrived: Zeurpiet.

  2. Arthur says:

    Sinterklaas has arrived: Zeurpiet

    You’re evil.

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