Ze Saturdoit

I noticed that there was a DOS attack on the Dreamhost servers (what is a DOS attack), which hampered access to both hoogervorst.ca and strncpy.org.

I was notified by Alfons that old classmates were planning a reunion (“Class of 82”) and that some of them were actually looking for us: finding me should have been a matter of seconds, as Rob (Hey Rob!) afterwards explained in an e-mail. Yours truly is probably the first (or second) hit when doing a Google search for my name and lastname. If you ended up here, at xsamplex, looking for Arthur, yes, this dude really ended up in Canada (I did visit The Netherlands, two years ago: for a proof, notes and pictures are here [heavily editorialized though]).1

Earlier, Alfons and I did a quick test on Google Talk, something I had tried before succesfully but something he was never able to do because he’s generally running a real operating system. If you see me pop-up on Google Talk, feel free to grab me at the scruff of the neck.

Cancer Kills A Lot More People Than You ThinkNews of the day (and something that will probably circulate for a long time along my Canadian counterparts) is the arrest of bomb plot suspects in Ontario, which will most likely swing and harden the political climate in Canada. I’ll leave that to your own interpretation if that’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but to get a couple of numbers out of the hat: did you know that cancer killed 7.6 million people in 2005 and that 84 million people will most likely die of cancer related illnesses in the next 10 years. Or that heart diseases and strokes kill 17 million people a year? And that 2.8 million people globally died of AIDS?

1 update 06/05/06: Bonus link to picture of the neighbourhood.

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2 Responses to Ze Saturdoit

  1. alfons says:

    Yeah, I received it while at work, and first thought it was spam, and almost hit the litter button.
    That said I can’t really recall any faces, and don’t connect to any names. It must be because of my work.

  2. Arthur says:

    That said I can’t really recall any faces, and don’t connect to any names. It must be because of my work.

    You should find the photos: if I’m not wrong, most of the people listed in that e-mail have been our classmates since grade primary.

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