Daily Archives: March 20, 2004

InterActual crap

Have I already mentioned that I think that the InterActual Player is actually InterActual Crap? Want to see the extra features on that new DVD? ‘Well, make sure to install the InterActual player’.

Only available for Windows and Mac. Naturally. And also, if you plan to watch those precious extra features, make sure to tick off those extra checkboxes when the Settings dialog appears after installing the player.

Next time I will just neglect these kind of DVDs.

Talking about Postgres

It looks like the Windows port of that database server is getting closer to completion.

There are a couple of reasons why I’m following this. First of all, working on Postgres databases on both Linux and Windows platforms, I’ve been surprised how stable the server is itself. Coming from a Sybase background, Postgres felt like second nature, something where MySQL plain failed. If you’re running a business on MySQL, you probably haven’t looked around.

On Select Go Slow

At work, I rolled out a crucial test for the Postgres database: Originally the Invoicing program was never meant to work in a real multi-user environment. This is particularly due to a couple of statements used to generate a unique number for tables that have a primary index on that number. One of them looked like this:

SELECT * FROM atable
ORDER BY uniquenumber DESC

In the program itself, the ‘uniquenumber’ field’s value was then extracted (and incremented by one) and passed to an INSERT statement that added a new row to that same table.

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