Daily Archives: March 7, 2004

Computers, Green and Build

Via Slashdot there was a link pointing to an article, or review, about a new Windows build (Slashdot). A couple of comments: the author tells about the commit rate of the newest Windows version. Megabytes literally. And think of the energy consumption: just right around the corner this article discusses that computers should be more energy saving and generally must become more greener:

“Users should think carefully about whether they really need to buy a new computer; if upgrading the existing machine could serve the same purpose.”

How about that Microsoft?

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Proof of the Afterlife

Via Marshall Brain, there’s proof of the Afterlife! (link to mr. Brain’s)

   “Schwartz and his staff would then compare the readings. They were astonished to find that in most cases, the mediums would bring through the same people and the same messages, with an 80-90 percent accuracy rate.”

Marshall Brain has some interesting questions regarding the research, or study into mediums. I’d like to add that the mentioned ’80-90 percent accuracy’ equals the estimated amount of accuracy of horoscopes. With the help of mediums and horoscopes, I’ll be winner of the Grand Slam Atlantic Lottery Jackpot next week. I only need to buy a ticket.