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In Russia

Earlier this month, a meteor exploded (I guess, literally) above the Russian town of Chelyabinsk causing plenty of injuries and damage. Thanks to car cams installed in (many) Russian cars, amazing footage was captured of the meteor’s entrance and explosion in the upper-regions of our atmosphere (video).

Coincidentally, around the same day, an asteroid was supposed to ‘near-miss’ our planet and various space agencies were quick to report that this meteor had nothing to do with that asteroid. However, initial calculations put the size of the meteor in the 17 meter range with an approximate weight of 10K metric tonnes. Just a couple of days ago, astronomers in Columbia traced the meteor to the Apollo asteroids (full Wikipedia analysis).

Obviously, this event has been compared with the Tungunska explosion (wikipedia again) and it has raised awareness of the dangers of extra-orbital objects and apparently, the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (link) has suggested the possibly set up an “action team for near-Earth objects”. Tracking these objects is extremely hard tho: detecting a 17 meter object in space hurling at us with a speed of 18 km/s is nearly impossible.

This. Means. War.

I guess, I should mention about the news today: I read that there’s a full war going on between Georgia and Russia, after Georgia sent troops into break-away and pro-Russia province South Ossetia. As a result, Putin ordered troops into Georgia to protect ‘Russian interests’. And this is the part I love: while most newsagencies have this conflict at the top of their pages, CNN carries John Edward’s extra-marital affair as the main headline. USA, USA!

The Olympic games have started and the official site is a kind of a bore. I hear the opening ceremony was fantastic, but honestly, am I supposed to care about the Games? I also noticed that if you look for Olympic Games on Google, the result page will show an up-to-date list of recently awarded Olympic Medals.

And if you’re a US citizen, the US Homeland Department wants you to know that if you’re visiting China, you may become a victim of Chinese spying programs. I’m probably not the only person who thinks this is a bit ironic: after all, recently the US government adopted a program that allows border agents to seize electronic hardware.

Update: Hilarious question at Yahoo’s about the Russian invasion in the state of Georgia.

Update 2: Even Google is wrong sometimes.

Update 3: 1930s (or so) Marital test (via Metafilter).

Update 4: Fox News host insist to talk about Edwards affair, instead of discussing Georgia conflict.