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I was reading this article at More Intelligent Life written by Enid Stubin (who appears to be an assistant-professor of English) and the first comment in the comment section literally says:

Brilliant. This chick can actually write.

Behold: the future of the Internet!

3 Quarks Daily links to a 2 hour discussion between Dennet, Dawkins, Harris and Hitchens (in two parts). If you have some time and have read some of the material of any of the authors, you may find their commentary on religion and current events interesting.

So, Movable Type has gone open-source: the announcement was made this Summer but effectively a couple of weeks ago the official sources were (finally) published. You may remember that earlier versions of xsamplex ran on Movable Type 3. Heck, you can even steal my original MT template!

A couple of months ago, I happened to run into the sources of MyJabber IM: Much to my surprise, the sources were open-sourced (GPL). It appears that the MyJabber site doesn’t exist anymore, so, I assume that the (original) programmer’s goal was to ensure the program continues to live on. Good choice: the code is a bit ‘old’ fashioned and relies heavily on the agsXMPP library (which is dual-licensed). [Note: this is all C# stuff]

And finally (as in: the last paragraph), Toshiba has developed a Micro Nuclear Reactor, which measures only 20 by 6 feet and can deliver up to 200 KW. I read that the reactor is self-sustaining and should last more than 40 years. If you want one of these things, you can apply for one at your local security agency. People with last names that rhyme with ‘laden’ do not need to apply. If you have certificate in theoretical quantum physics, that is a plus. Oh: and you may need to allow UN inspectors on your property.


Via I says moo-sSmashing Telly, Dawkins’ “Enemies of Reason” (2 parts): Slaves to Superstition and Irrational Health System (I think that’s the title mentioned in Google Video). There is a hilarious scene in the second part, where Dawkins addresses the viewer after he has just been told that he’s missing a strand of ‘Atlantis DNA’.

We finished watching ‘Band Of Brothers’, which is an excellent series, that is if you’re into Second World War stuff. If you’re not able to get the DVD set (rent or buy), you may be able to watch it right online and around (not guaranteed complete).

Say: why is the US media so obsessed about the ‘Astronaut Story’? That said, I wonder if some movie company has already bought the rights to bring this story to the little screen in your living room.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before but this set of videos (@GoogleTalks) is excellent: a series of videos about talks/presentations done by known authors, politicians and others at the Googleplex.