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The GPL and other links

I hate to pay too much attention to issues that are so trivial that you want people just to shut up and accept it: A couple of weeks ago, WordPress came a bit in the news because a popular theme maker refused to abide the GPL with one of his popular themes. That link points to a metafilter thread and the discussion goes to the extremes with regards to the GPL: there’s even some ‘libertarian’ views why the GPL is bad. This comment precisely details my point of view and I quote:

At the end of the day, Chris wants to build on top of GPL’d software to make money, but does not want to respect the licensing requirements that come with the GPL. He — and others who agree with him — are taking their stand on hair-splitty definitions to circumvent the clearly explained intention of the license. “You can do what you want with this GPL software, including building stuff on top of it. If you build stuff on top of it, though, and you distribute it to other people, you must give the same rights to them.”

There’s a reason why GPL-ed code is called viral: if you don’t want your code touched by that license, don’t build on GPL-ed code.

Via the UK’s Telegraph, I read that 40% of Americans believe that the Lord will return before 2050. Why not by 2030 or 2040, I wonder? On the other hand, 2050 is an excellent year as it is right in between 2100 and 2000. 2050 is definitely not a prime-number. On a serious note: Why don’t newspapers link to the official Pew statistics? The Pew report is right here.

You know, with China being the sole creditor in the world (I bet Keynes didn’t see this come), I find articles like these both hilarious and sad. Obviously, in China, there’s a need for a certain type of people to make things look official.

Go Stet Yourself

There’s a long (winding) oped at the New York Times about how Internet users (on online forums) seem to dramatically change the structure of English grammar. This is only interesting because I also have a knack to write long winding nonsensical messages to a family member.

Last Friday, I saw this Pew survey, a quiz so you will, that tests your ‘News IQ’. I did the test too and I ended up in the high 91s: I missed one question and that was the one about how many American soldiers have died in Iraq. What is ‘News IQ’ anyway? What is it supposed to tell me? I mean, if you generally read a lot of newspapers and that, the survey is a piece of cake, but even if you missed questions, how is this quiz going to be significant? That being said: I actually like Pew Research’s main page. They even provide free access to their datasets(that is, you need to register first). Food for statisticians.

So, yeah, ‘The Dark Knight’ was released the other day, and if you don’t know what that is, you should probably check into that Pew survey above. The movie is getting rave review and hits an average of 9.7 at IMDB. No: It can’t be. Without a doubt, this is partly because of Heath Ledger’s untimely death. If you think of it: I bet the actor has a higher approval rating than the current sitting president of the US.