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Heathrow, sucks and then III

My favourite peeve is a rant about Heathrow, London’s premier airport with those long line-ups, confusing pedways and oh-so helpful security guards (earlier on xsamplex). And irritating survey people who question you why you didn’t buy that backpack even after … Continue reading

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Heathrow, sucks and then II

Talking about Heathrow (previously), I just read this October 4th Boing-Boing entry about that very same airport. Hey, lets share that pain when flying via Heathrow! The lines are like something out of the ninth pit of hell, especially in … Continue reading

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Heathrow, sucks and then

You know that you went too far giving instructions about ‘Heathrow’, ‘flying by plane’ or ‘entering no-mans-land called Customs’, when you become aware that the instructee is a actually a regular flyer too. OK. Then. No worries. Safe flight. That … Continue reading

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You asked: heathrow+how+much+time+needed…

Actually the complete search query was ‘heathrow +how+ much +time+ needed+to+go+ through+customs+and +retrieve+luggage +for+connecting+flight’. For that, the searchee ended up somewhere at January’s entries on my travels to Europe. (Note this only applies to travellers who booked connecting flights on … Continue reading

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