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There are certain directors who have a knack for picking out music that goes with specific scenes. One of them is David Lynch, the other one is Quentin Tarantino. I’m not particularly a fan of Tarantino movies but I thought his ‘Kill Bill’ series were done exactly right, closely mimicking that typical 70s-like Kung-Fu movies with overdone sound-effects, hilarious unrealistic ‘gore’ (I dare say ‘surreal’) and music.

One of the scenes that keeps sticking out is the ‘Escape scene’, where the protagonist (played by Uma Thurman) finds herself inside a coffin and accompanied by spaghetti western-like music manages to dig herself out of her predicament. It’s no surprise that the music comes from the 60’s Western‘Il Mercenario’ and was originally composed by Ennio Morricone. I’ve included a 30+ sample on this page. If you’re looking for visuals, try Youtube (link goes to video with that specific scene).

I’m not a fan of Morricone’s music, although I have to admit that his music always seem fit the Spaghetti-westerns and most Europeans will instantly recognize his music, since his music is literally tied to the many Italian shows we saw during our younger years (I think of the excellent ‘Octopus’/’La Piovra’ series, for which Morricone also provided his musical compositions). In 2007, Morricone received an honourary Oscar for his music, which was presented to him by Clint Eastwood.