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20/11 hindsight

The main event that marked 2011 was most likely the Japanese tsunami back in March, which triggered that nuclear disaster at the Fukushima power plant. I mentioned the disasters in a posting on March 20th (here), where I mainly focused on how the media presented the disaster to the public and how “hot” news events like that, slightly fall below the news radar because reporting the death of thousands of people sells.

On the Canadian side: the most important events circled around the Canadian general elections (May 2nd), where the CP managed to get the majority of seats in the House. Surprisingly, the NDP decimated the Liberals and ended up becoming the Official Opposition party. Not long after, the NDP’s leader Jack Layton retired from politics and died of cancer back in August. Layton’s funeral was most likely the number one story in Canada. I’ve not mentioned this year (I think) but I was eligible to vote. This was not as much as an emotional event as when I accepted the citizenship back in 2010. However, it was definitely a memorable ‘first’.

As usual, for a more detailed Canadian outlook of 2011, the CBC has put together a list of the most visited stories on their site, ordered by month.

Update: I’m totally aware of the Arab Spring, the death of Khadafi and even, the death of Kim Jong-il: too be honest, while interesting I have my doubts that things will be changing for the better any time soon in the affected countries. If so, I’ll surely bring it up.

That’s impossible

A Blue pill or red pill?couple of weeks ago, I was watching all the ‘Matrix’ movies back to back and I discovered that the sentence ‘That’s impossible’ (or ‘It’s impossible’) is mentioned way too many times.

Yesterday, Islanders went to the polls and voted the Liberals in government. But then if you read the other political news items about the muck in the Legislative Branch and the (nationwide) attention for the upcoming Schwarzenegger visit, maybe that PEI thing is good news.

Say, I read about this show in The Netherlands, about a terminally ill woman and the reality show about who gets her organs. ‘The Kidney competition’ as some mention it. The best comment in BBC’s forums:

I thought organ recipients were chosen on who is the closest match, not who the donor likes the most

Me too. Me too. Me too.

Microsoft has released a FaceBook Developer Kit, which you can download from and around here. I was looking into this earlier this week. Now that Microsoft officially has thrown in support for the FaceBook API, how long will it take before FaceBook will be in the hands of that company?

1. Slightly related: a speech from a British MP on Web 2.0 and politics (via Paul Miller’s)