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And then for…

And then for something slightly different: More of the same! You guessed it: Yesterday morning, I was surprised to find we were a bit snowed in. When I say snowed in, I mean that I have to use force to open up the front door. I think, Debert weather station reported 26 cms and it really looks like that much. This makes for slightly nice pictures, if it wasn’t so cold outside. The bad news is that it is supposed to be snowing overnight (and in the morning) again. The good news is that the snow will change to freezing rain and eventually to rain tomorrow night.

With that out of the way: Via Kottke, I found this map of New York, er, an imaginative map of whatever was New York if it was still in the hands of the Dutch powers. I don’t think I have to remind the reader that New York used to be in the hands of the Dutch and that (after many wars and battles with the British empire) they traded it for portions of South America. What you say? You really like the fictional flag for this ‘Dutch republic’ (taken from the original creator’s blogpost)? Is that the Japanese ‘Rising Sun’ in the flag? Oh dear.

And last but not least: Newsweek reports that Amsterdam is to close down its Red Light district. The most surprising part is that the main driving force behind the campaign (to close down the district) is a member of the Labour Party. Socialists closing down the Public Sector in Amsterdam? What will the British think of this?


TalkingAjax Amsterdam! about the Manji documentary: there was some typical footage of Amsterdam from bars, cafes where you allowed to smoke pot and yes, its famous Red Light district. And of course the canals with the boats and the pretty houses. It briefly brought me back to the very first interesting computing book store (I guess the store is still there) that we frequently visited because the city we lived in had no real good book stores with a computing section. Not even a single issue of the Dr. Dobbs Journal.

I’m also pretty certain that our first venture to that ‘sinful city’ was around age 14 or 15 and I’m not sure what the parents thought of that. Obviously they must have thought that we could take care of ourselves. I mean, what could happen to a pair of teenage twins venturing about through Amsterdam?

And then that reminds me that the Dutch have the most amazing dairy products: If you’re a foreigner and make it to Amsterdam, skip the Red Light district, run to the nearest supermarket and buy yourself a carton of vla, yoghurt with oranges (really) or lemon ‘kwark’.