Burnt Toast

I Burnt Toastwas near to falling asleep when tunes from (apparantly) a CBC show woke me up: Burnt Toast. It’s listed as a romantic comedy opera piece in 8 act, and it sports a list of comedians and opera singers in 8 acts that range from funny to outrageous funny. The music is good too: I particularly enjoyed the interludes, atonal parts that would fit right in sections of the music I truly loved. During some parts, the opera reminded me of ‘The 7 Deadly Sins’, the last Weill and Brecht. It’s exactly that: a mix of TV, opera, modern music and comedy.

I see that the production was in the hands of the CBC and that the opera has a website with all the Flash and that. It’s soon available on DVD too, so for you Europeans, you just have to wait for another 6 months or so before CBC decides to sell it to another public broadcaster in your local area.

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