Leave Your Mail

Merlin of 43 folders has a golden tip for people getting too many e-mails at work. Turn it off.

Well, if you’re feeling really ballsy, you could just just Quit Mail.app (ed. Apple’s main e-mail application) for a few hours and, uh, just go work. Yeah, I know: your world would implode if you had two hours without email. You’d be fired, jailed, or might even miss that whole thread about lunch at Chili’s vs. Applebee’s.

I noticed something funny: I hardly use and check my e-mail at work. I hardly send e-mails out to relatives. I hardly get any personal e-mails and if I do, I read them generally outside of my boss’ time: there are more important things to do than taking 20 minutes to reply an e-mail. (The best e-mails actually come from Alfons, but thanks to the timezone difference his mails generally arrive well after working hours).