I have this…

After a heated discussion with Alfons, I ended up craving these classical examples of genuine Dutch cuisine.

1. Frikandellen: a long shaped snack, made out of mix of meat (minced and ground). Urban myths tell stories that frikandellen contain ‘left over’ meat, i.e., pieces of animals that can’t be sold to the general public, like eyes, entrails and that. This snack is ever-popular with kids and adults alike. Yummy stuff, really. Eat with ‘patat’ (Flemish Fries).

2. Kroketten: gravy-like elastic substance breaded with a thick layer of crumbs. Dutch call the substance ‘ragout’, which is actually made out of minced horsemeat, flour, butter and ‘jus’ (juice of meat).Hmmm, horsemeat!

Dutch food: It’s like watching the Temple of Doom over and over again!

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2 Responses to I have this…

  1. alfons says:

    My lens is so big I get a severe neck ache
    My lens is so big I can’t held it still at its longest focal distance
    My lens is so big I need a tripod
    My lens is so big … I feel like everybody’s looking at me

    Editor: edited.d

  2. alfons says:

    Editor, please make that ache!

    editor: Done. See above.d…

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