A bus in the ditch

Wait: Earlier today an Acadian Lines bus skidded off the 102 and ended up in the ditch. Treacherous conditions this morning for sure: while the morning brought a pleasant surprise (less snow than expected), the snow kept on falling all day. Almost all day, then. I hear there’s a bigger storm steaming up from the east, scheduled to arrive around Saturday. If you plan to write me an e-mail tomorrow or the day after, please do not put ‘Yo’ or ‘Re: Yo’ in your subject line.

Say, I’m not particularly known being fond of watching TV. I only watch CNN, a habit relatives seem to have been taken over. To my surprise (after a bunch of coding), I dare to admit I enjoyed watching the series finale of ‘The Amazing Race: Family Edition’. There’s a new set of series to start next February. Hey, what happened to the BloggerTwins (earlier on xsamplex)?

The CBC has started a roundtable and invited Canada’s most talented bloggers, to discuss the elections and the race to the White House Downing Street Sussex Drive. If Canadian politics is your fancy, that be the place to watch. It’s (a lot) less cheesier than reading CTV’s elections blogs: CTV’s effort (while commendable) is hardly readable.

Viewers of a Dutch (political) television show selected Ms. Verdonk (Dutch only) as the politician of the year 2005. (Earlier)

Update: Maybe the main difference between the Roundtable and CTV’s blog is that the first one has opiniated bloggers contributing while the other one focusses on reporting. Maybe that’s why the other one is less cheesier: for news, I don’t depend on CTV alone (But I personally think Rosemary Thompson should write a lot more)

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