It be snowing

It be snowing. Make that a snowstorm. Our first heavy snow warning! We go for 25! There goes nothing above a White Christmas.

The results of the FIFA World Cup Draw. The Netherlands meet Argentinia, Ivory Coast and Serbia and Montenegro.

I’m impressed with Google’s Webclips. This guy is just an ‘ouwe zeur’.

I don’t get I was never into it either. Now part of the Yahoo! family.

Talking about the snow: just walking out to find out it was nice and mild. Snowing for sure, but lets hope the temps will at least melt some of the snow in the morning. Don’t count on it though.

Update: 1. This must be our snowstorm
2. ‘What’s so cool about’.
3. 12/10/05 around 8:00 am.: 20-25 cms of heavy snow. Driveway done in an hour the manual way.