More of this cold please

We’ve slowly entered the cold dark age of Winter. Last week, the first couple of centimeters of snow seemed to announce the beginning of that age. I bet, those snowy leftovers will be hanging around until our first thaw in the Spring. -1o Degrees! So much for hoping for a milder Winter. Less snow then, please.

Earlier this week, my wife remembered the typical Dutch December 5th celebration and surprised me with a genuine (but not Dutch) chocolate letter. A genuine ‘A’ too. It was a moment of joy and obviously, pause too. Related to this: I’ve been wanting to make ‘amandelstaaf’ for the longest time. It brings up good memories about the day we touched Dutch soil.

I’ve been sporadically following the Curry vs. Winer fight, particularly after Curry’s last poo-poo and confession about editing the history of podcasting. Low blow after low blow, followed. While I’m not a fan of Curry either, seeing Winer manipulate his own writings just makes me want to throw up. Seeing Winer carry pictures of his buddies on his weblog, reminds me of a typical word: [opgeilen]. Huh?

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