Good for you

I‘m What is that? surprised, utterly surprised, to hear that they had a snowstorm in The Netherlands (Dutch). Shocked (Dutch again), I might add. It’s too early in the season for snow, plus, the last 15 years I lived there, I never saw huge amounts of snow. I do remember snowstorms in the late 70’s and early 80’s, but during my teenage years, I can’t recall any huge amounts of that white stuff.

Living in Nova Scotia, I’ve gotten used to the amount of snow accumulating over three days: The first day it’s fun, the second day it gets tiresome. The third day is plow day. Here’s a couple of tips to my fellow Dutch citizens:

  • Don’t bother shoveling at the start or peak of the snowstorm. Don’t even think about it when it’s blowing.
  • Don’t drive bike, car or motorbike. Don’t bother. It’s a waste of time, unless the local TV is taping in your neighbourhood. Getting stuck in a snowstorm is no fun if you don’t have blankets in your car particularly when your car runs out of gas.
  • When snow amounts start to get over 5 cms don’t bother using salt. At that stage, your salt dispenser trucks really need to start to put a shovel in front of them. Remember: you have to shovel snow. Where you leave it is another question.
  • Make lots of pictures. We Internet-people love to laugh about other people’s snow misery
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