The Red.

There’s a couple of posts sticking in the back of my mind: Alfons’ short reminder of Spain’s political duality (and the younger generation’s push to break the silence) and Alan’s (gigantic) effort to host the Carnival of the Red Ensign.

Both posts remind of a question asked to me, if I, politically, was one of thoses ‘peace loving socialists’. I replied that I considered myself a-political, but that I, in fact cannot imagine any ‘rationale’ for going to any war. War doesn’t make victims and veterans alone. It’s a plague that affects people for years as it passes on to next generations. Thank you very much: while I might be considered left of the ‘aisle’ by many, I consider myself a humanist first.

At least I don’t pretend to be able to solve the problems in the world. Being a-political, also gives me the right to objectively consider and approach political motions and motives with a healthy dose of scepticism.

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