Har! I ub_untugot meself a free copy of Ubuntu Linux. A not-named store in the center of the town had them in a small carton display/box. I made sure to ask if they were for free, which they were: one of the workers in the store said that they received loads of those disks. As someone used to Debian, I was pleasantly surprised to see Ubuntu in a regular store. Not that I’m sure of if the store workers are aware of any other Linux. But free as in speech (and beer) is always good. (Note the nice sleeve contained two disks: one the Live Disk, one the actual install disk. My debian collection of 13 disks beats that! [or was that 14?])

Additionally, I decided to take on the (Daily) Su-Do-ku puzzle in the newspaper. I managed to solve it (also shown above). The idea is to have all rows, columns and 3×3 grids have the numbers 1 to 9 filled in. One clue: start with the row/column/grid that has at least 5 numbers filled out. If I’m not wrong, there should always be two of them.